What Is A Menstrual Cup?

It can seem a little weird for you if you have never heard about menstrual cup. Actually,  a menstrual cup has so many advantages, that is why so many women decided to use them instead of tampons and pads.

It is a reusable and hygienic product which is made from and medical grade silicon.

Usually, the menstrual cups approximately two inches long and also they are irritant free. Most brands contain no BPA, dyes, latex or bleaches.

Women worn it like a tampon, but a cup collects menstrual fluid, not absorbing it.

You dont have to change them all the time like in case with the tampons.

Obviously, it will save you a lot of money, cause you just buy it once and that is it.

See a range of menstrual cups here.

How Much Fluid Can They Hold?

Almost every menstrual cup is able to hold 25-35  ml of menstrual fluid. I know many women who use a menstrual cup for a very ling time and they have no complaints at all.

Why Is A Menstrual Cup Better?

They are much better for the  body, the environment and for your pay packet!

Here are 8 reasons why a menstrual cup is better:

  1. No Nasties
  2. No Toxic Shock Syndrome
  3. No Fibres Left Behind
  4. A Menstrual Cup Wont Interfere With The Vaginal Environment
  5. Theyre Better For Your Bank Account Too
  6. Menstrual Cups Are Better For The Environment
  7. Does Not Interfere With Your Vaginas Natural And Healthy Functions
  8. Safe To Use