If you are looking for a vast majority of non-afford, and because with the "long-awaited" -like glamor models, then the non-Honda Civic Type-R must go. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, following the FD2 FN2 European and Japanese version of a new generation of Type-R will make its world debut. But Honda still can not stand to wait until the show was unveiled Mami, an official picture and performance parameters to be disclosed again.


FF layout has a two-liter turbo engine, do not think Honda will build NA high to high-powered machines, in fact, many years ago, Honda has been in mass production of K-series engine turbocharged version too, that The machine, called K23A1, equipment in the RDX 2007 article, up to 240 horsepower, the 2.0T with a new machine, Honda definitely come prepared, or that some readers will question the small series, not long before Honda take 1.6T and 2.0T MX5 Adjustable Coilovers turned out to run a race yet? Come on, the car engine is another world of objects, do not tell streets par with the engine it really?


The new engine has a 310 flywheel horsepower, but the speed will be completed only reach 6500 rpm red line is set at 7000 rpm, showing that it has basically been draw the line with the past, or a lot of people are still immersed in the era that FD2 quick to eighty-nine Thousands turn pitched in, but weak low K20A that really makes you go crazy twist, small is suffering from a torn, but now the car well, up to 40.8 kg m torque, just 2500 rpm on the full offer even if accompanied by a tight-knit 6MT believe gear ratio can leisurely shuttle street.


However, more disappointed, a new generation of Type-R will continue to follow the torsion beam rear suspension layout on the previous generation FN2, and the entire suspension part of the biggest changes is in the front, put the former named "Dual Axis Strut" suspension , as well as new electronic suspension kit Miata Adjustable Coilovers, which is carried out to adjust the firmness of the body through the cars "R +" button, of course, as well as new electronic steering mechanism also belong to the new stuff, but for the lack of rear suspension, should be Tucao it?


The new Civic Type-R total of five body colors to choose from: Champion white, crystal black, brilliant blue, red Milan, polishing silver. Black and red interior places, which is Type-R has been the interior ambience. As for what those 19-inch wheels, Brembo brakes and the like, a while back when the spoilers have been introduced.